Sunday, December 9, 2012

post 3

A concept that stood out to me this semester was when we learned about verbal and non-verbal communication. When I entered high school a lot of people didn’t like me because they said I didn’t look approachable. Non-verbal communication is the most important in my opinion because the non-verbal communication you make is the reason why someone does or doesn’t talk to you. If you want someone to approach you, you have to actually look approachable. Verbal communication is what keeps people around and makes relationships strong. People don’t realize how communication can make or break a relationship. In my family our biggest issue is communication. Being in this class has helped me improve my communication skills with my family. My communication with my family is important because I have moved away from home, keeping our communication strong is very important. Being in college and having roommates that I don’t know can be very frustrating because we are all different. Communication has made our apartment run smoother. 

Post 2

What I liked most about this class is that the website to blog was very easy to access and easy to post. The questions were never confusing and pretty self-explanatory. It was easy to communicate with other students. What I didn't like is that we had to wait 12 hours to post and that we had to comment on 3 peoples was hard to remember to post sometimes because there was no actual class to be reminded of the work that was due.  I think there should be a way to meet up in person because sometimes it’s easier to talk about grades or problems in person. Using two websites to keep track of the class also got confusing at times. I would sometimes forget to go on D2L to take the tests or quizzes or to see prompts for the essays. I wish this class wasn't online; learning about all the different types of communication would have been really interesting to learn from a professor. 

Saturday, December 8, 2012

#1 dec 3-9

In this course I have learned the different stages of friendship and that there is more to communicating than just talking. Knowing the different stages of friendship has helped me understand what my best friend and me are going through. I compared our friendship to the stages and realized that we fit right in on how we met and got close. It also never occurred to me that there were different styles of loving. Its weird how we can love things different, like the love you have for your phone is different than the love you have for a boyfriend or girlfriend. Storge is the type of love I have with my boyfriend right now, we started off as friends and I would have never though id ever be with him and love him how I do. This class has helped me re-evaluate my relationships and communication skills. Knowing the different stages of relationships can help anyone with their relationships. 

Sunday, November 18, 2012

post #3 nov12-18

In the chapter the most interesting concept to me was the family life cycle. This cycle consists of seven stages. The seven stages are establishing, enlarging, and developing a family, as well as encouraging independence, launching children, post-launching of children, and retirement. This is interesting to me because my parents are going through these stages and I will soon be going through the same stages. Learning about these stages are very interesting because everyone goes through them but have their own ways of dealing with all the challenges that arise. I am learning from my parents about how to successfully fulfill all of these stages properly. My parents are launching kids right now, I am out of the house but there are five other kids at home. I will soon have to go through all the stages of the family life cycle. I have learned a lot from my parents and hope to have smooth sailing through al the stages. 

post #2 nov 12-18

In the next 50 years I believe that marriage isn’t going to last as long. I feel like marriage isn’t as important as it used to be, people aren’t going to be as committed. Being married won’t be as important anymore, people wont want to be married. I believe that people wont want to go through all the troubles of getting married and they will just want to stay as boyfriend and girlfriend. There is a lot more responsibility on being married, it isn’t a joke anymore. You have to stay committed to them and realize that you want to be with them forever. People will start having kids without being married and it will become a lot more normal. I honestly can’t even think about myself being, arrived because I know it will be different than how my parents are. My parents are married and so in love, I cant see people be that in love in 50 years. 

Saturday, November 17, 2012

post #1, nov12-18

When I hear the word family the first thing I think of is those people you can trust that will always be there for you. The meaning of family is a group of people that you happened to be related to that you couldn’t pick, but they will be the closest things to you. My immediate family is really close and we love each other, there is a lot of criticism with my cousins, it seems like they can’t keep their mouth shut. Both of my parents are very supportive and don’t criticize my decisions. They do try and get me to set an example because I am the oldest. Family members are always supposed to be there even when no one else isn’t. I believe that you have to treat family better than friends because they are the ones that are there until the end. My parents partake in total marriage; they are both in love and spend as much time as they can together. 

Sunday, November 11, 2012

post #3 nov 5-11

This week I found the topic of navigation the most interesting. Navigation is the process of staying committed and living life together. I think this is important in my life because I am currently in a long distance relationship. My boyfriend and I can stay committed but we really can’t be together. We technically live a life together but not actually physically together, we constantly talk and face time. We have our ups and downs and it is a let harder to get through it because we are fighting over the phone. Relationships are about the ups a downs, it not always perfect. Communication is really important in long distance relationships because trust is a big issuer. The process of navigation helps you realize that you have to be committed no matter what and know that relationships aren’t perfect and you have to love the other person if you want to keep going